Those Were The Days….Nostalgia…

We are where we are today and its all because of yesterday,  your success today or tiny mistakes you make today will change tomorrow. Accept what we have now, today… yesterday long gone but the journey of yesterday kept in our memories…nostalgia.

School days was fun and if you watch ‘Its So Raven’, ‘Hanna Montanah’, ‘High School Musical‘…all that teenage movie.. its bring up our memories of those days… some try to be popular, others remain unpopular, the nerd, the smart and bright students, the populars were the one who got it all, high profile.

The other fun and interesting part when you have somebody whom you admire and somebody admires you.. ‘puppy love’.. as they say… once you leave school…you forget about it, while others marriage their once puppy love. This not only happened in school but also in college… even though in different environment.

Anyway, there were words unspoken, messages undelivered during those days …. leaving school you just wait for your so called ex-boyfriend..or those you admired or admires you to call you… for a date but never did.. some seach for their exgirlfren HGH and Low…others just wait.. and when they actually found each other it was too late… nostalgia.

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10 Responses to “Those Were The Days….Nostalgia…”

  1. Cay says:

    Wah puppy love …anyway just want to wish u Happy Mother’s Day in here …bah ada sudah post sia yg baru hihihi …

  2. Gallivanter says:

    Those were indeed the days

  3. mummy ruth says:

    ahhh…macam familiar ni shirl 😉
    yes i like to call my era from Form 1 to form 5 (1983-87) as Golden Years! These were the years I really enjoyed so much 😀

  4. jppmom says:

    yayaya nostalgia…puppy loves…hmm… 😀

  5. Ornest says:

    Puppy love 🙂 Really brought that great memories back. Wah, how i wish i could turn back the clock…

  6. aines says:

    lama sudah saya tidak dengar tu “puppy love” Shirl. But school days memang best lah..

  7. nice post! Agree with you, school time… I think everybody just miss those days, playing, having fun… nothing about business just simple, beautiful life. I don’t understand just why me and most of my friends wanted to grow up fast… now everybody wants to go back 🙂

  8. shirley says:

    wow.. i didn’t expect this to be a favorites..hahaha…ya..friends…those days..when we were young….

  9. n3os says:

    nice blog with nice article .. but ur sidebar so small for ur widget …
    good luck , success for u

  10. yeah, thats true, very nice blog, and Shirley… haha I hope you are not dissapointed though 🙂

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