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Thinking To Further Study?

What do really want to do in life? Do you satisfied what you achieved? Some people just like to study, study, study… its not bad.. but its take courage, sacrifice and challenges to further study especially if you are working.. i salute those people especially working mother who still want to further study and raising their children at the same time… its for their career development..their next step to get recognition and so forth.. some just for fun.. just to fulfill their dream..they don’t have chance to further study..and now they want to prove that they can do it..i love people with that spirit…you inspires me.

As for me… its not that i don’t want to study.. i am ambitious but for me…. if ever i want to study.. i want to study psychology..the study of mind… its interesting to see how people react in different situation…there are so many type of people and to study their character will be a challenge.

I also love to be psychologist majoring on children behavior .. learn about their feeling, emotion, speech.. we, parents easily confuse whenever our kid’s made slight mistake we rushed into negative conclusion..which leads us to stress, worries…etc… i know.. i have been into that situation when somebody told me that i should seek a doctor for my son.. if he got some sort of disabilities… lucky i did the right move to pull him away from there… for her information.. my son now can read very well… note for you educators/parents, don’t judge a little boy/girl.. they might be slow.. just give them support and show them your love… don’t push too hard… get slow and steady.. you will know what i mean.. oh ya.. always say good job!,well done! and.. i know you can do it! … give them hugs and ‘high five’. What do you think? well..don’t be surprise i will have another blog especially on children behavior in the next few years.

Well… if you really want to further study,you can just browse on the internet and check of  any university classes and courses by subject, you dont need to wast time to get their brochure or what so ever.

Let me know if you started your study… good luck and all the best!

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  • hazwan

    i’m working as government servant right now. But at the same time i still unsatisfied with myself. i just diploma holder in Business Managment (retailing).. people around me, had a degree. so wut should i do? i have working while study in once time…

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