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I Can’t Believe..I Did It!

I was watching AIM..Anugerah Industi Muzik on TV..well..not so happening..not so boring…i rank so lah.. susah to impress everybody kan.. i still love Aflin Shauki and Adiba Noor…those cute and chubby personalities.  Anyway..while i was watching TV, my husband was using the laptop/ i got my chance just after 11:00pm, at first i just want to check my sponsor..i like to call it that way.. and i found out that i was given 7! is a golden opportunity.. i will usually get it once a this is the first time they given me extra assignments in a again.

While everybody are sleeping…sweet dream..zzzz…here i am typing…my idea just flowing like crazy.. lol.. cant stop it.  It is a golden opportunity for me when nobody disturbing and the best part is my fingers and my head are having a great   I am sipping my Milo drink..its suppose to make me feel sleepy but instead i am having great energy..uina bikin takut..hehe..never mind tomorrow is Sunday.

Time is 1:37am…oh man… my paypal wont be able to pay me a Vegas vacations but there so much to do with that extra money…hang in there baby… i will let you out when i really need you.. keep on coming baby…i cant wait to swipe my db card.

I can’t believe it.. i did it… and i still going on…  i will force myself to sleep later…for now i am going strong… oh man… i still can’t believe it…its like i am under a magic spell or maybe Tinkerbell sprinkling her magic on me…whatever..but i’m loving it.

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