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Here Comes The Month Of May!

I love the month of May… and love that Labour Day falls on we got straight three days off…except for those working on shift or weekend.. this includes my hubby…mmm what to do.  Anyway.. couples taking this advantages to tie their knot during this weekend.. until we dont know where to go

It will be special day for Mothers… its Mother’s day… i am still thinking..what, where, how to celebrate mother’s day.. i still have time to think and plan.. talk about that later.

Okay..our reunion with my best friends postponed again..with certain unavoided matters…haiya..don’t know lah when can we meet up..  I send my children to my parents’ house so that i can go out in the evening… instead i was alone at home.. so sunyi..but i managed to sort out their clothes and keep their small size/unwanted clothes in a bag.. i kept it somewhere..still just keep it for a while or give away.

Anyway…May is the month where Sabahan have the most holidays in the calendar.. similar to all Malaysian but we have the Kaamatan or Harvest Festival.   May are one of the Peak Seasons.. so its hard to see economy hotels promotions during this month …if you really want to come to Sabah in May… i advice you to book your flight/hotel early to avoid paying extra.

May are full of colourful celebrations..every district will celebrate their Kaamatan and to crown their beauty gueen and these beautiful ladies will then contest in the final round on the 31st May … there you will see the new Hominodun .. Harvest Festival Beauty Queen. I dont really update with kaamatan these days..but i love to promote our ethnic and festivals to the eye of the world…come in know what i mean.

I invite you to Sabah.. The Land Below the Wind!

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