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    What Do We Expect?

    What do we expect in life?  I guess we expect ‘a dream come true”, but even when we sleep we have bad dream or worst..nightmare.    I believe that ‘dream can come true’ but not always… we don’t always get what we want..but this does not mean we quit.

    I had a mixed feeling this few weeks.. unusual mixed feeling..tempted, disappointment, confused, happy, proud, frustration.. but that’s that… its not over and i still have to deal with it.

    We have our own principle, and i have mine to hold to…  i am a person who talk straight to your face.. no hiding.. you hate me for that.. i am sorry.. i don’t believe on back stabbing anybody, just not my style.   I work with dedication not only for money, other things don’t really matter.   I need time to talk to you, who upset me.. i am sorry.. i can’t hide it.. i cannot pretend.. let me be myself again.. it takes time.

    You will be wondering why and what am i talking about…for sure.. i just want to let it out from my chest..phew..  its hurt to know that again.. not appreciated.. i wish i didn’t know..but unfortunately i knew…  i need time to change direction.. from feeling miserable to be positive.. i let my tears flow.. i know its okay to cry.. its okay to feel bad once in a while.

    I am blessed… to have friends who understand me very well, especially my best friends Cay and Fele… i love you guys!!  I will let you guys have the  immediate annuity for job well done.. hehe..tiba2 pula kan..phew..

    So i guess we don’t have to expect too much, i just want to be remembered as somebody who are full of joy..happy go lucky, helpful, caring, loving and honest… if i ever hurt your feeling.. i need forgiveness.. life is too short! Cheers!

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    Appreciating Life

    Sometimes we tend to forget how interesting life can be… we let emotion lead us, we worry to much, think too much, scared.. these clouds our mind which causes stress.

    Things happened for a reason, just be thankful for everything.. don’t get overjoyed, don’t over react…   Someday, somebody might come to you and say ‘i like you even though i know your status’..just be glad and get over it… meaning your appearance are still acceptable.. lol.. isnt that wonderful.. this lead to temptation but its up to you to handle it.

    Our emotion created by our mind and heart, follow your instinct, pray and let your mind do wonders.  Life is short, appreciate every details in life, our family, loving husband, children, friends, relatives, career, my friend taught me to list all these, it surely make me feel good and feel appreciated as well.  Let go of the guilt, worries,  negative thinking or you ended up taking diet pill reviews after loosing weight.

    You can also talk to a friend but its hard to find trusted friend nowadays… but i assure you there are still loyal friend out there, i still have them and i sometimes depend on them.  I sometimes feel my friend know me better then i do and i appreciate that.


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    My Little Sister’s Journey

    My little sister… well i simply called her that..because she is the youngest.  She just left for Australia and communicate with her via ym this morning.

    Our siblings are close with each other, we help each other in many ways.   My sister is still single so she wants to explore the outside world.. she is adventurous young lady who love challenges.

    She was so excited to explore… and let her fulfilled her dreams… she took with her ephedra supplements for immunization.  I will update the pics during the farewell party and at the airport.