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    Our Meeting Postponed…..

    We suppose to have a meeting/reunion.. with my best friends..since Cay is back in town.  We were excited to do it in the evening..dinner together..but something bad happened…i got food poisoning..dammn.

    We ate the mee served in the meeting.. it tast good.. but during lunch time.. lucky i didnt go out.. i feel dizzy and tummy discomfort… i can’t even look at the computer screen.. then i feel like ..grr..you know.. uneasy.. i rush to the toilet… and vomitted… oh my.. lucky i reach the toilet on time.

    My friend asked me to go home and rest… i thought i was okay… the second time.. i feel nausea again… i rushed to the toilet..vommited… it just happened my husband’s off day was yesterday.. sms him to get me..ASAP.

    I went out at 3.00pm..went to the clinic… i took the pill to stop the nausea..took our kids from daycare…  On the way back.. i feel really bad… i feel so dizzy… i wanted to vomit… i cannot ask my husband to stop immediately.. so i just grab my son’s plastic bag..the one he kept his dirty shirt… and throw out…yakkks!!  it was terrible.

    Reached home… i changed my clothes and straight to bed…zzzzz… my dear husband had to do everything… cooking, taking care of the kids, fold clothes… kesian… what to do… his wife so sick..cant help much.. lucky i did not vomited at home… or else i don’t need diet pills to lose weight.

    So our meeting with my best friends… had to be postponed…until further notice.