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My Baby Girl…

Wow…so fast time goes by… i remember i was pregnant… and in April 4, 2006…gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.. and now she is 3 years old.

The once tiny little baby girl.. can now sing.. lol.. talk like an old lady my relatives use to say.. well… some kids do act smart … as long as she is healthy, happy, respect other people.. i say its okay.

She love to go to her school… better than stay at home…she got friends..and learn so many things..wouldn’t know what she want to be when she grow up… Fashion Designer, Model, Doctor, Engineer, Plano Cosmetic Dentist … who knows… still too early to tell… its a far journey to go.

A mother wish is just to see my girl grow to be a smart, educated, independent, happy and healthy lady.. and God’s blessing, guidance, protection on her.

She had turned 3 years old… she is still my baby girl.. and i love her so.

10 thoughts on “My Baby Girl…”

  1. Happy birthday to chrissa ..adorable as ever ..mmg durang cepat besar ohh niii ..tuk tuk tuk sudah hahangai trus ada boyfrend …kin sakit kepala lagi kan hihihi …

  2. Chrissa is only about 4 months older than Bonnie. I know what you mean Shirley, my daughter too will always be my baby girl. (Even when she is 50 🙂 )

    Anyway, happy belated birthday to Chrissa! 🙂

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