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    Home Sweet Home…

    Saturday.. we were at home… my job as usual.. packing… packing…phew.. kids were excited… Chrissa have been asking me when we going home.. she misses her ‘pooh..the pillow’.

    Saying goodbye was the hardest part..especially to my Father in law… but for sure we will be going back there for another holiday…maybe next time we will take my fil back to Melacca and stay in any historic hotels, that would be interesting.

    Thank you Aunty Grace for taking care of us while our stay there…. i am sure missed your cooking…

    Our flight was at 6.00pm, my brother in-law drove us to the airport.. had our dinner there….it was good to be at the night flight i guess…because the kids got tired and able to sleep.

    We reach KK around 9.00pm… my sister and niece were waiting for us… reached our Home Sweet Home… clean up..and straight to bed..zzzzz.  My parents were kind enough to clean up my house while we were away… thanks mum & dad..and sherene…love you guys.

    Chrissa’s pic..the before and after… she wanted to go home so badly.. but sad leaving her family in KL…and happily at showing her dolls… ‘home sweet home’