Day 6 in KL – The Shopping Spree

The favorite day… shopping spree with my best friend.. Cay.. she posted about this so i just posted pictures that were taken by me.. well by us.. from my

I was out from the house at 9.30am… my husband had to take care of the children at home… we reached back home at 7.30pm.. take that.. these two mummies had real fun… eating…..chit chatting…laughing….walking…& shopping…

we rounded few places in bukit bintang.. but ended up shopping in Jaya Jusco Wangsa Maju.. really jalan2 oh..  2 kali naik LRT lagi tu.. oh mann..

oh..ya.. BE CAREFUL IF YOU SHOP IN BUKIT BINTANG SHOPPING COMPLEX… it happen that cay wanted to find a purple dress.. so while we were looking at a few boutiques.. i stepped into a boutique.. the salesgirl as me to go inside the boutique.. deep inside..i think were they keep their was devided by a cloth .. like a curtain.. inside another girl was eating.. they show me a few purple dresses… by then i heard my friend calling my name from outside..’shirley! shirley!..di mana kau?’,  i replied from inside.. but the salesgirls didnt even bother to open the .. i told them.. she is my friend.. they still refused to open.. when i told them… she was the one looking for the purple dress..then they react.. calling her in.

Inside… cay was given few dresses to choose…macam main paksa oh… she gave big discaunt to cay… a calculater in her right hand and a plastic bag in her left hand.. getting ready to put the dress in..and get payment..

Cay told the girl that we will be back.. need to do survey.. the salesgirl reluctant to let us go… when i asked to open the curtain..she did not do anything.. lucky it was only a cloth.. it was like sneaking out from there… phew.. once we got out from the boutique.. we walk very fast…so scary oh… imagine if she put a knife on us… touch wood!

Always stay with your friend! Do not follow the salesgirl if she bring you inside the shop.. where nobody can see you.. maybe that is their new marketing tactic.

We reached Jaya Jusco Wangsa Maju at 4.00pm.. so it was limited time frame to do shopping.. lol… sales until 70%..  i did not buy any lingerie panties.. i bought mostly office wear and ready made baju kurung… worth the price.. i love Scarlet brand… i wore most of it and its all from Jaya Jusco..

We had a great time.. anybody wants to join for the next shopping spree?… we love shopping!!!

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    17 Responses to “Day 6 in KL – The Shopping Spree”

    1. Gallivanter says:

      Wow, I’ve never experienced that in Bkt Bintang, it could be because I go there once a year or I look like a badass bald gangster! LOL!

    2. shirley says:

      first time for me..and also cay… scary pulak…desperate to sell maybe…

    3. carolyn says:

      ok..will keep this in mind. So desperate jg ppl wanna sale their things tu? luckily nothing happen to you both..scary

    4. shirley says:

      iya..bikin takut.. tapi bila kami ingat balik..funny pulak…hehehe

    5. eSKay says:

      thats a bit scary.. maybe mau tunjuk muka garang2 ba tu.. lucky so far.. never happened to me.. but then again.. my muka so very the fierce one.. hahah

    6. aines says:

      Uih, like that also got ka? have to be extra careful la next time.

      Shopping berabis la tu di Jusco kan. I oso have a few collection of Scarlet.

    7. deana says:

      hahaha..ha?? kl also ada? in new york china town lagi funny, they will ask you to go behind the cloths being hang and opened another door..inside there is ‘another shop’ selling all designer label bags…( of course not real) and it’s hard to get out if you didn’t buy any.

    8. shirley says:

      iya Aines..worth it to buy Scarlet kan… very good quality.. i still have Scarlet collection that i bought when i was still single mingle…hehehe…

    9. shirley says:

      deana… omigod… oh..they must have learned the tactics from there…lol…iya memaksa oh…

    10. shirley says:

      eSkay..bah next time sya garang2 also lah..hehehe

    11. Cay says:

      That incident scared me lah Ley ..first time encountered like that in SgWang…been there a few times but never kena approached like tht ..oh well ..bukan rezeki dia lah tuu cus kita tia beli baju dia hehehe ..anyway the bajus santik2 bah almost want to buy (ada lagi discount habis)tapi kan when the salegirl react like tht trus hilang mood hehehe …

    12. shirley says:

      eh..sungai wang kah tu..heheh..iya bah..kin takut.. im not surprise if kk start like that..touch wood…

    13. Ornest says:

      Bahaya juga tu kadai tu.. samseng style. Mana gia org barani masuk tu. Yang berniat mau beli baju sana pun ndak jadi beli trus.. Ndak pandai layan customer btl dorang tu. Lingkup tu bisnes dorang ndak lama lagi. Anyway, glad kamu dua ok. Macam sya tingu kamu ni bukan shopping spree tapi makan spree… Sdh ko timbang berat ko kah? hehehe

    14. shirley says:

      hahaha…betul tu.. kami betul2 makan makan makan…gila eh.. ada juga timbanglah tapi inda sanggup tinggu brapa kenaikan…hehehe

    15. claire says:

      wow..that is scary man… how can they paksa ppl to buy their clothing… yeah, next time we must be more careful..

    16. shirley says:

      hi claire..maybe new tactic lah ni kan… hahaha… need to be careful next time…

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