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    Day 6 in KL – The Shopping Spree

    The favorite day… shopping spree with my best friend.. Cay.. she posted about this so i just posted pictures that were taken by me.. well by us.. from my camera..lol.

    I was out from the house at 9.30am… my husband had to take care of the children at home… we reached back home at 7.30pm.. take that.. these two mummies had real fun… eating…..chit chatting…laughing….walking…& shopping…

    we rounded few places in bukit bintang.. but ended up shopping in Jaya Jusco Wangsa Maju.. really jalan2 oh..  2 kali naik LRT lagi tu.. oh mann..

    oh..ya.. BE CAREFUL IF YOU SHOP IN BUKIT BINTANG SHOPPING COMPLEX… it happen that cay wanted to find a purple dress.. so while we were looking at a few boutiques.. i stepped into a boutique.. the salesgirl as me to go inside the boutique.. deep inside..i think were they keep their stock..it was devided by a cloth .. like a curtain.. inside another girl was eating.. they show me a few purple dresses… by then i heard my friend calling my name from outside..’shirley! shirley!..di mana kau?’,  i replied from inside.. but the salesgirls didnt even bother to open the .. i told them.. she is my friend.. they still refused to open.. when i told them… she was the one looking for the purple dress..then they react.. calling her in.

    Inside… cay was given few dresses to choose…macam main paksa oh… she gave big discaunt to cay… a calculater in her right hand and a plastic bag in her left hand.. getting ready to put the dress in..and get payment..

    Cay told the girl that we will be back.. need to do survey.. the salesgirl reluctant to let us go… when i asked to open the curtain..she did not do anything.. lucky it was only a cloth.. it was like sneaking out from there… phew.. once we got out from the boutique.. we walk very fast…so scary oh… imagine if she put a knife on us… touch wood!

    Always stay with your friend! Do not follow the salesgirl if she bring you inside the shop.. where nobody can see you.. maybe that is their new marketing tactic.

    We reached Jaya Jusco Wangsa Maju at 4.00pm.. so it was limited time frame to do shopping.. lol… sales until 70%..  i did not buy any lingerie panties.. i bought mostly office wear and ready made baju kurung… worth the price.. i love Scarlet brand… i wore most of it and its all from Jaya Jusco..

    We had a great time.. anybody wants to join for the next shopping spree?… we love shopping!!!

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      Day 5 in KL – Trip to Melaka

      Wednesday.. our trip to the Historical City..Melaka…  Our journey started at 9.00 am.. we reached there around 11.00 am..if i am not mistaken…     My Brother in-law was our tourist guide and driver on that day..thanks Patrick.

      Our first destination….We climbed up the of St. Paul’s Hill where the St. Paul’s Church is situated, once the prayer house of the Portuguese Catholics, then turned into burial ground for their noble dead by the Dutch. The tombstones have Latin and Portuguese inscriptions on them. St. Francis Xavier was buried here in 1553 before his body was moved to Goa in India… check out melaka.net.

      I was reluctant to climb at first because of my father in law but he did not give up… lol…  the weather was hot.. we were sweating… but kids having so much fun.. climbing up and down the stairs…

      Resting for a while… took our brunch…by then i can’t hardly walk.. mummy so tired… in the shopping complex i admired a few unique tv stands that was on sale.. mmm.. anyway we walked to the ‘revolving Gyro Tower’Menara Taming Sari.. its quite a long distance.. phew.

      The ticket price were reasonable… my father in-law decided to stay on the ground while all of us enjoy the ride… at first i thought my kids would get nervous but instead they were enjoying more than i do…i am scared of height.. odoi..bikin malu..

      Everybody were tired…bought souvenirs …went to St. Francis Xavier Church.. and drove back home… we reach home at 5.00pm… enough for a day… we enjoyed the trip.. and got our good rest at night.