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Day 6 in KL – The Shopping Spree

The favorite day… shopping spree with my best friend.. Cay.. she posted about this so i just posted pictures that were taken by me.. well by us.. from my I was out from the house at 9.30am… my husband had to take care of the children at home… we reached back home at 7.30pm..Continue Reading “Day 6 in KL – The Shopping Spree”

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Day 5 in KL – Trip to Melaka

Wednesday.. our trip to the Historical City..Melaka…  Our journey started at 9.00 am.. we reached there around 11.00 am..if i am not mistaken…     My Brother in-law was our tourist guide and driver on that day..thanks Patrick. Our first destination….We climbed up the of St. Paul’s Hill where the St. Paul’s Church is situated, once theContinue Reading “Day 5 in KL – Trip to Melaka”