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Day 3 in KL – Aquaria in KLCC

We wanted to bring kids to the zoo .. we have been talking about it before the trip but we heard a lots of negative feedback.. so we decided to the Aquaria in KLCC.

We went there on Monday… it was interesting, educational, informative, fun… what else.. enjoyable trip.

kids loves to watch the fishes…

We took video but i dont know how to download it here… well this picture should be enough to show that we had fun… next time you go to KL dont forget to go there.. its worth paying.

6 thoughts on “Day 3 in KL – Aquaria in KLCC”

  1. Yes carol ..bring the kids there ..sia bawa my kids two times sudah when they were still a baby skrang nii mcm ada lagi planning want to go there ..

  2. Hi Shir… wah enjoy kamurang jalan2 sana KL ah.. Last time sya ada bawa anak pigi tu akuaria juga tapi mahal bah tu entrance fee dia.. Klu bukan kerana tu anak mau masuk tingu, mmg ndak jadi kami masuk dlm tu 😀 Mmg siok juga dalam tu Aquaria.. Mcm butul2 dlm laut 🙂

  3. hi ornest..memang mahal oh kan.. tapi bukan selalu gia kan..byk kami rekod in video..siok tingu dorang swimming.. kalu ada mermaid lagi siok kan..hehehe

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