Day 2 in KL – Reunion With My Cousins

Sunday.. only me, kids and husband’s family at home… my husband went out with his friends… understandable.. he have not meet them for so long.. ok lah give him a chance to go out..  he have that Sunday for him and his buddies.  I was ok with kids and Lilian.. we chit chat lah.. like we used to do in FB or YM… this is our chance to talk..

I met my 1st cousin on FB chat.. so we thought we meet up before she leave to Africa.. the last time we met … i cant remember.. the last time i met simon, when we were in primary school… i think i have met vivian during our visit to Labuan in 2000…i think so.

My husband came back on time.. we promised to meet with my cousins in Midvalley.. once we reached there.. we called each other where to meet.. i was excited but at the same time i was scared if i dont recognize her anymore… waited…waited…i saw the familiar face i knew long time

Meet my 1st cousin.. Vivian Pang…my dad and her mother are sibling.

Meet the children… oh my.. i forgot their names.. i remember Daniel..mmm i will ask them…the boy wearing orange shirt is Simon’s son, the girl and this cute boy belong to Vivian…lol.  Simon is Vivian’s younger brother… he look a bit like my brother.

The group photo….

other picture a bit blurr…. mrs. simon at the back.. cant really see her face in this pic..but she is pretty….

Interesting reunion… hope to see you again guys.

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6 Responses to “Day 2 in KL – Reunion With My Cousins”

  1. mummy ruth says:

    wah more exciting photos, apa u all makan tu shirl? macam sedap sya nampak (tengah lapar nii)

  2. Cay says:

    Yah lah makan saja kerja kalu holiday kan hihih …bah more photos …

  3. shirley says:

    carol.. my cousin yg blanja tu.. not sure what the name of the restaurant..seafood ja tu.. ada set for kids..’fish net’ lol

  4. shirley says:

    cay.. i told you.. sya gain weight.. hahaha.. memang i…eat… yummy..tapi takut pulak tidak muat my baju baru.. size S & M tu…

  5. aines says:

    ..welcome back Shirl.
    syiok eh baca cerita orang baru balik holiday ni. Barang yang kena shopping tu mana? hehe.. Part berapa tu?

  6. shirley aka beautiza says:

    hi nies.. hahah itu pun mau tingu.. bikin malu oh…

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