Beautiza is Back from Holiday!!

Yihaa! i am back… from my long, sweet holidays… its just great because it goes as dream came true…but too bad i didn’t manage too meet mel & dan.. they are far from where we stayed… next time mel.  Overall the trip was a visiting relatives and friends, the most important thing.. children enjoying themselves.

Don’t ask me how much i spent… lucky i don’t need to spend on hotel or accommodation..for 7 days, 6 nights …that would be costly.. i would need a natural hair loss treatment then. . lol..

I would update my trip to KL from day 1 to day 7… let me just upload the pics.. i will pick only a few..the camera’s memory was full.. i deleted the pics i have downloaded to my laptop before we went there.. now thinking where to have it print out …need to keep it in the family album.. it will be a sweet unforgetable memories for our family!

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    1. Cay says:

      Bah Ley …upload the birthday party and the melaka trip photos kio ..upload in FB lah senang mau tinguk ..

    2. mummy ruth says:

      welcome mummy sean 😉
      bah upload la yr pix here, mau tingu jg ni

    3. Phil says:

      You should have print ur photos in KL Shirl. Mcm murah bah sana..tapi those were long time ago lah..I don’t know now.

      Postlah gambar di sini kio…kalo di FB tiada chance kami tinguk (sori Cay…hehehe)

    4. shirley says:

      cay.. iya lah.. i will upload.. tapi im not good in FB lah

    5. shirley says:

      mummy ruth… hahaha.. satu2 sya upload.. too many pics..

    6. shirley says:

      Hi Phil… iya lah..i should hv done it there.. anyway i have to do it this week.. kalu tidak..mcm bangas oledy..

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