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    Oven or Microwave?

    I was online with my bestfren…Cay… we were talking about baking cake and cookies.. in fact we had the same conversation with my other bestfren…Fele… a week ago about the same topic..

    Well.. i guess we.. mummies.. wants to try our hand on baking.. lol.. no need to attend classes.. just check out recipe from book or online recipe on how to bake cake and cookies. or use the instant flour.. only add eggs..etc..its easy nowadays.

    I was thinking to buy microwave at first.. i need it to chill frozen food, to cook, to bake.. but a microwave that have all the function is so expensive… so i decide to buy oven instead… well just see how it goes first.  I don’t need expensive oven.. just a simple one..probably that have function that bake and roast chicken… yes that’s what i need.

    Once i go back from KL… i will start my survey for inexpensive but good quality oven… mmmm any Sale on electronics somewhere? .. i need to check the paper… or should i ask Howie Mandel if he have that selling online…. ..

    I will have a busy weekend with baking cakes and cookies.. well.. i hope so.. will update with my new oven and recipe..yihaa!!

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    Home Sweet Home

    Have you realized that whatever house you stay in.. wooden house, bungalow, small house, big house,apartment, terrace..  a house is a home.. a place you stay in with your family.

    I am thinking of decorating my apartment.. what i need to do … i got my list ready….

    paint my kids’ room… or i might draw something to make it look exciting and bright…

    i need to buy a sofa set.. i can feel the sitting on a wood instead of comfy cushion…lol…… i want to cosy up my living room…

    i need to get rid of the clusters…especially in my study room… haiya…the only time i have are weekends..

    but apart of upgrading my home sweet home ..i am thinking to install  alarm for security reason.

    That will be in my ‘must do’ list this year… will do that probably after my trip to KL.. will post about my home sweet home…once i done with it… wish me luck!!

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    Helping Children Succeed in School

    Children spend one-half of their waking hours in school or school related activities.  Studeis show that children whose parents are involved in their education do better in school than children whose parents are not involved.  Parents’ involvement in their children’s education is a stronger indicator of their success in school than cultural background, sosio-economic level of the family, or natural individual level of academic capability.

    Two activities parents can do to help their children succeed in school are :

    Set up a study time at homeCompleting homework helps children learn and retain new information.  It imporves understanding and enhances academic performance.  Begin small and work towards the ideal setting.  Some helpful suggestions :

    Establish a central location

    Keep are quite and free of distractions

    Schedule time that best fits family routines

    Divide study time for children who have difficulty with concentration

    Have you child do their homework first before other activities

    Communicate effectively with your child’s school.  This may not be easy to do but can be extremely helpful to your child’s success.  Some helpful suggestions :

    When attending school activities, prepare yourself with questions or concern that you want to address.

    Begin communication when things are going well with your child.  give compliments to the teacher through notes or phone conversations. When there are problems, share concerns while they are small.  Ask how thing are going.

    An interesting article to share with all of you...Taken from Youth & Parenting (Daily Express, dated 11 March 2009)