Beautiza On Leave

Yihaaa… i have been counting the day for my holiday.. so now i am on holiday.. yihaa again.. lol.   Thank God my brother in-law have an internet connection… just can’t live without it.

This will be my only time to update my blog.. just to let you know that i am on leave.. i will be back and tell you details about my trip.. its just 3 days.. not much to say for now.. but we attended my niece’s birthday, i managed to meet my long lost cousin.. hahaha… Chrissa got her hair cut in the salon.. tomorrow another trip to meet my aunty Anna, trip to Melaka.. all coming soon.

The most important meeting.. that i can’t wait..will be shopping with my bestfriend..cay..that would be on Thursday.. yihaa.. still cannot decide where our destination will be.. what for sure we will shop till we drop.. only me and her.. without our kids and husbands.

I don’t have any particular list on what to buy.. well sexy lingerie would be good…mmmm..why not.  So dear bloggers..if you miss me.. dont worry.. i will be back soon.. for now.. let me enjoy my holiday!!

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    5 Responses to “Beautiza On Leave”

    1. cay says:

      Wah want to buy sexy lingerie kah ni …bah come and lets shopping muahaaaahahaa (evil laugh)

    2. carolyn says: till u drop ni bahaya sikit..nanti sepa mo angkat itu bakul2 shopping?
      shop till i finish my shopping money bilang bah… cuba lagi tingu2 klu ada sale d Jusco..

    3. jppmom says:

      bah klu bershopping tu jgn lupa adik mu sini ni 😆

    4. emelda says:

      Shirley, free friday?? 😀

    5. Phil says:

      Enjoy your holiday Shirl…send my regards to Cay 😉

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