Counting Debts…Counting Months..

Wow! soon.. it will be end of March 2009… and it will be … April 2009…May 2009… … yaiks.. the month of June .. the month i need to renew my car insurance… what is the what is the cheapest auto insurance … if anyone can make any suggestion.. haiya.. i cannot wait until end of 2010… the car is officially mine.. hahaha.. no more payment to the bank..nobody from the bank will call me if i have any outstanding… grrr.. i just can’t wait.

Time .. day…are running fast… and i am getting older.. this July i will be 35.. wow.. nice number.. i am so excited.. lol.

I keep counting what month/year i will be clear from debts… car loan…housing loan…personal loan.. well i say everybody needs all that… what ever need to pay.. i pay.. and when it settle.. new things comes up.. well that’s life.. and its all for the family…just counting debts… clear… and ..counting months…settle..done!

Anyway.. i still have this.. in my list of …‘dream to come true’...

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9 Responses to “Counting Debts…Counting Months..”

  1. gregchai says:

    i got so much debts too … i guess we’ll only be debt-free once we are out of this world.

  2. jppmom says:

    same here sister…counting debts, counting months..sigh!

  3. shirley says:

    ayo.. greg.. that is so true.. but how i wish we can be dept free.. reach the financial freedom… before we retire..

  4. shirley says:

    ya lah fele… that is life all about…

  5. Raymund says:

    It seems the day we were born, we came with an open bill for the milk, diapers, medical fees and etc. We can never be debt free as long we are living in the urban jungle where money is the only exchange medium. The rich has also mountains of debts and more money does not solve it’s problem.

    And so this bring us to the conclusion that we may need to coexist with debts.As long as you earn more than you spend, you will be fine.

    P.S without debts , we will find many unfulfilled dreams.

  6. shirley says:

    wow..thanx bro.. i believe i have to agree with that… the richer you are…the more you spend…

  7. emelda says:

    Samala kita..:( kira bulan kira hutang and kira umur…LOL!!

    My car pun mau habis next year sudah!! I cant wait..wohooo!

  8. shirley says:

    ya mel.. sya pun next year habis.. my son pun primary one.. harap2 kurang2 lagi expenses… harap2 lah.. hehehe

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