Home Sweet Home

Have you realized that whatever house you stay in.. wooden house, bungalow, small house, big house,apartment, terrace..  a house is a home.. a place you stay in with your family.

I am thinking of decorating my apartment.. what i need to do … i got my list ready….

paint my kids’ room… or i might draw something to make it look exciting and bright…

i need to buy a sofa set.. i can feel the sitting on a wood instead of comfy cushion…lol…… i want to cosy up my living room…

i need to get rid of the clusters…especially in my study room… haiya…the only time i have are weekends..

but apart of upgrading my home sweet home ..i am thinking to install  alarm for security reason.

That will be in my ‘must do’ list this year… will do that probably after my trip to KL.. will post about my home sweet home…once i done with it… wish me luck!!

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4 Responses to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. Gallivanter says:

    We should meet up when you’re in KL bah

  2. shirley says:

    bah buli bah kalu kau..! i will email mel my contact number.. harap2 can jumpa lah.. tapi ko blanja k…:)

  3. jppmom says:

    bah call me after u done with yer decorating 😉

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