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Helping Children Succeed in School

Children spend one-half of their waking hours in school or school related activities.  Studeis show that children whose parents are involved in their education do better in school than children whose parents are not involved.  Parents’ involvement in their children’s education is a stronger indicator of their success in school than cultural background, sosio-economic level of the family, or natural individual level of academic capability.

Two activities parents can do to help their children succeed in school are :

Set up a study time at homeCompleting homework helps children learn and retain new information.  It imporves understanding and enhances academic performance.  Begin small and work towards the ideal setting.  Some helpful suggestions :

Establish a central location

Keep are quite and free of distractions

Schedule time that best fits family routines

Divide study time for children who have difficulty with concentration

Have you child do their homework first before other activities

Communicate effectively with your child’s school.  This may not be easy to do but can be extremely helpful to your child’s success.  Some helpful suggestions :

When attending school activities, prepare yourself with questions or concern that you want to address.

Begin communication when things are going well with your child.  give compliments to the teacher through notes or phone conversations. When there are problems, share concerns while they are small.  Ask how thing are going.

An interesting article to share with all of you...Taken from Youth & Parenting (Daily Express, dated 11 March 2009)


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