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Another 2 Weeks More!

Wah.. i can’t believe it..its another 2 weeks to our trip to my husband’s hometown.. KL.  I haven’t done any shopping for our family in KL yet.. haiya..not sure what to bring there… everytime i went back.. the little vase.. written ..‘sabah’.. is a must.. lol..  not this year..  but still thinking what to buy… think! think! think!… i will do the shopping next week.. for sure.

Its going to be a week in KL.. my husband had a few plan in mind.. the previous holidays we didn’t go out much.. children were still small.. hopefully this year its a real holiday besides visiting the family.. especially my father in law.

I have cousins and friends staying in KL.. i will put them in my planning schedule… other than what i have planned earlier… we are also planning to go to the Zoo .. i am sure my kids will love this.. and my brother in law agreed to take leave on of the days to go to Melaka with us and my father in law.. . Port Dickson are in the KIV list.. lol.. for sure there are no toll free on the road..

This is a must for a blogger like me…!

Whatever it is…. i am just hoping for a safe journey.. Amen.


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