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    The Shock of my life!

    I had a Shock of my life… which happened last Friday … As usual, once i parked my car, i will let one of my children out of the car and hold their hand.. i am always careful.. i never leave their sight and i always hold their hand.. my son know that i don’t trust him.. sometimes i hold his hand to tight.. he said ‘mummy that’s hurt’ .. i just said..‘sorry Sean i don’t trust you to walk alone’.. i know this disappoint him.. but i have too… i will only let them walk once their walking on the stairs because i can see them walking in front of me.

    So this is what happened… i was opening the door for my daughter who were sitting at the back seat.. while looking at my son, at that time struggling to carry his bag from the passenger seat to the driver seat… at a sudden.. i only hear.. ‘mummy!‘…Sean was already running out of the car..  it happened so fast… i was panic…  i shouted at him to come back..  by then i don’t hear or see him anymore.. he was so far away…  i was already took the school bags out of the car…  i was running carrying my daughter with the two bags and a shopping bag i have been carrying…  i was panicked… i left my daughter and the school bags near a neighbor’s house.. i asked the maid to take care of my daughter… i was running but when i saw my daughter still standing there..nobody came out.. i ran back to get her…  i was shouting so loud.. ‘Sean where are you? its not funny! come back!... i can hear my daughter’s voice tense calling his brother.. . i can see people looking at us.. i was running like mad…

    I was so scared when i don’t see him.. i was panicked..  i just hope there are no car at that time… i don’t want anything to happen.. i was scared… i even feel my body shivering..  when i heard his voice again.. ‘mummy!‘.. i saw him trying to run the other junction..i was ready to grab him but luckily he stop when he saw me.. i think he was scared too.. he did not realized that he ran that far from me…

    I held his hand and told him that it is dangerous.. he was in tears.. and said he ‘understand’.. we walked back home.. i took the school bags i left near the neighbor’s house.. and i just realized the maid whom i used to know don’t work there anymore.. no wonder nobody replied when i asked for help.   The car door i left wide open… i locked the door and went up straight to our house.. the ground floor neighbor seen what happened and took pity on me… i really feel like crying that day…   sometimes people just drive they car like mad..especially that hour… but lucky  not even a single car on that road..

    At home.. i hug my son… and told him what was happening and why mummy are worried.  Children… they understand what is wrong and what is right.. until they do it.. and we repeat whats wrong and whats right…  I cannot remind him that everyday…i have to be extra careful… its not just a surplus to my duties…it is my responsibilities…….. i am just glad nothing happened… i believe the Angels have been protecting him that day and Angels watch over all the children in the world…everyday!