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Beautiza On Leave

Yihaaa… i have been counting the day for my holiday.. so now i am on holiday.. yihaa again.. lol.   Thank God my brother in-law have an internet connection… just can’t live without it. This will be my only time to update my blog.. just to let you know that i am on leave.. i willContinue Reading “Beautiza On Leave”

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Just Click Online..

Children are growing up… so fast..we will need to save money for their education, for our holiday trip,  in case of emergency..concerning health..etc..touch wood!  Somehow we need to invest or just open an account for them.. there are few bank account for kids especially that cover insurance. Well, what type of account do you haveContinue Reading “Just Click Online..”

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Counting Debts…Counting Months..

Wow! soon.. it will be end of March 2009… and it will be … April 2009…May 2009… … yaiks.. the month of June .. the month i need to renew my car insurance… what is the what is the cheapest auto insurance … if anyone can make any suggestion.. haiya.. i cannot wait until endContinue Reading “Counting Debts…Counting Months..”