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    Start Early Everyday..

    I have been trying to wake up early these days…  i put my alarm at 5.30am but i  woke up at 6.00am.. and then i adjust my alarm 5.00am.. i woke up at 5.30am… lol.. trial.. i tried to wake up earlier each day.. the earliest i time i got up is 5.20am.. well.. I hope i can start my day at 5.00 everyday..

    I start my day… boiling water.. sweep the floor…do what ever necessary things undone the day earlier.. its interesting.. i will try to make a habit.. to start my day.. with a prayer.. and follow by exercise… i would love to jog but maybe i start with yoga.. i need to get Jilian Michaels workouts new DVD… she is indeed a good trainer… i hope to make this as a routine.

    Start early.. makes me feel fresh.. less stress.. everything is in order..   it is also a preparation for next year.. Sean have to wake up early.. he will be in primary one.. wow..   I hope i am not late tomorrow!!