Vote For Sipadan

I was reading the NST yesterday about Sipadan nominated as the new 7 wonders of the world in the nature category… wow that makes me proud.  The article about Sipadan was in the NST again today and it was nicely written by our own Jaswinder… as she wrote…

Pulau Sipadan is one of 261 nominees in the New7Wonders of Nature online campaign, alongside Ko Phi Phi in Thailand, the Maldives, the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls on the Canada-United States border and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.  A panel of experts will reduce the list to 21 on July 21.

So friends.. let vote for Sipadan, just log on to I will bring my family especially my kids to explore the Sipadan water.. well need to learn how to swim and dive.. will wait until they are big enough.

If you want to know more about this island or Sabah to be exact .. just chechout Sabah Tourism .  For those of you who  landed a jobs in Las Vegas and have been working for so long, well its about time to go for a holiday and let nature treats you.. lol..come and visit us, have a great holiday!

Thanks for your support.

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11 Responses to “Vote For Sipadan”

  1. Cay says:

    Yeah i saw this article in nst yesterday ..and actually did my vote tapi kan mcm dia cakap belum ada sponsor kah so..don’t know what is tht hihihi ..and thanks for sharing

  2. shirley says:

    adakah mention gitu? i was there tapi blum vote..mcm 1 email add only for 1 vote saja tu..

  3. Gallivanter says:

    I’m putting my vote! 🙂

  4. thanx.. ur vote is very much appreciated..

  5. Raymund Pang says:

    Yes, i have been to the beautiful island of Sipadan. Yes I will vote for it. It was an amazing life changing experience. I saw God’s hand at work there. Cheers

  6. shirley says:

    wah.. that sound interesting.. i have done my part.. i voted!.. i love to go to sipadan but.. i am scared of water.. sea… i can’t swim.. i will go there one day.. after i learn how to swim and dive..

  7. lunaticg says:

    I certainly will vote for sipadan!
    See you around.

  8. shirley says:

    thanx lunaticq.. every votes count… god bless

  9. ali says:

    lets vote sipadan….the most beautiful island in the world…

  10. Annabel says:

    How do i vote? I’m lost

  11. shirley says:

    log in to its in my post dear…thanking you in advance..

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