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I Met My Long Lost Cousin

I wanted to post this story earlier but i had problem downloading the picture, what a story without a picture… it is not too late to post.

As some of you know that i have posted a story about how i met my cousin, who are staying with her family in US.. via blogging.  I knew my cousin will be coming back to Sabah but she did not received my email.. well lucky she give me her contact number in my cbox.

I called Hilda last week.. it was in the weekdays when i managed to called her.. the first time i heard her voice.   She called me few days after that to invite me to her son and nephew’s birthday party at her sister in Penampang, that week was a busy week for me actually but hey..i wont missed this opportunity to meet my long lost cousin.. so i informed my sis.. she agreed to go.

On that Saturday, 7 February..  as usual i was at home with my kids and my sister came there from the office late in the afternoon.. well for sure the party was over, the party was at 1.00pm.. but its not because of the party its the urge of meeting her made us go.

I have been trying to call my cousin’s hp number but failed.. not sure why.. might be the connection or whatsoever..  i just wanted to inform her that we are going to be late and to make sure of the house address.

It was my sister, me and the kids… so on the way .. i recalled what she told me earlier.. i remember the house number but i did not know there were so many lorong.. oh my.. so we go from one lorong to one lorong .. lol..looking for house no.5, i think there are 5 lorongs..  whenever we saw house no.5, we stopped.. and looked if that is the house and moved on.. until we saw house no.5, near the church.. well i said..i remember Hilda told me, its near the church.. it must be it.. it was a big house.. so i stepped out from the car.. but seems like no party going on and nobody inside..furthermore there were the Buddhist prayer outside the house.. and i told Shella it cant be it.. because of that… but we dont know her sister.. maybe she married to a Chinese..we thought.. making our own speculation.  I told shella, lets moved on the other lorong..just try our luck.. we reached to another house no.5, and i saw the little boy whom i saw in her blog.. ‘hey thats Billy’.. yes.. thats Billy alright.. lucky he was standing near the door where we can see him.

We were welcomed by Hilda, my long lost cousin.. lol.. she is my 2nd cousin, our daddies are 1st cousin, to make it grandmother and his grandfather (i guess) are siblings.. wow.. how cool that is.

It was hard to make Billy sit still.. this is the best picture we managed to get from him.. lol..  Well not sure when can we meet again.. hopefully we will meet before they will be wearing Oakley watches that shows how matured and grown up they will be.

Nice meeting her friendly husband.. who was busy playing cards with the family.. lol..welcome to the club.

Great meeting you guys.. hope to meet you again.. who knows .. next time..we will go there to meet you.. cool ha.. i will keep on dreaming and wishing.


  • Phil

    I’m suppose to meet her too…but..i’ve got something else need to attend to…so..tidak dpt jumpa

    maybe next time kio Hilda!

    and thanks Shirl..for posting this..

  • Droa

    Wow… Shirley, that’s wonderful… you and Hilda got the chance to meet up and she happens to be your second cousin, awesome!! Macam jejak kasih pula…hehe. Anyways, thanks for sharing ya 🙂

  • Hilda

    Hi Cuz, it was really nice meeting you, Shella and your adorable Sean & Chrissa the other day. Sorry about all the hassle you guys went through to find the right House 5. I should had given you a little more details about the add. But now tau oredy kan…hihi! Bah, hope to see you again in two years. :-))

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