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    This Migrain is Killing Me

    Tuesday, after the event, the sun was tremendously hot.. i just can’t wait to sit in the office.  Oh dear.. and i had my monthly visitor.. you know this woman thingy.. yesterday was my second day.. it was uncomfortable and uneasy situation, i had to stand up, i don’t get the unwanted stain on my skirt.. phew.. lucky everything went smoothly.

    It was a relieved to be in the office.. ..so cold.. but suddenly i had cold sweat and a very bad headache… and its not just ordinary headache.. oh i was having migraine.. How do i differentiate this..? i will feel pain all over my head until back of the neck, my shoulder.. it makes me hard to move my body, pain on my jaw, my eyes is sensitive to the bright light.. oh my .. this is killing me.

    If you want to know what are the symptoms of migraine.. i hope this might help you :-


    Migraine without aura may be preceded by elevations in mood or energy level for up to 24 hours before the attack. Other pre-migraine symptoms may include fatigue, depression, and excessive yawning.
    Aura most often begins with shimmering, jagged arcs of white or colored light progressing over the visual field in the course of 10-20 minutes. This may be preceded or replaced by dark areas or other visual disturbances. Numbness and tingling is common, especially of the face and hands. These sensations may spread, and may be accompanied by a sensation of weakness or heaviness in the affected limb.
    The pain of migraine is often present only on one side of the head, although it may involve both, or switch sides during attacks. The pain is usually throbbing, and may range from mild to incapacitating. It is often accompanied by nausea or vomiting, painful sensitivity to light and sound, and intolerance of food or odors. Blurred vision is common.
    Migraine pain tends to intensify over the first 30 minutes to several hours, and may last from several hours to a day or longer. Afterward, the affected person is usually weary, and sensitive to sudden head movements.

    I wanted to take pain killer but thinking what my teacher used to say.. ‘no panadol when you are having menses’.. stop me from doing that.  I just get myself together with my positive thinking to ease my pain.  I managed to control the pain, luckily Sean and Chrissa behaving in their good behavior, i dont think i can cook in that situation.. so i bought ‘fried meehoon’ from the restaurant nearby.. and i even asked the taukeh to send it to the car once ready.. lol.. good service mah.

    At home i got frustrated with Sean.. taking bath so long… cold water didn’t stop him from playing in the water for hours… i tried so many things to persuade him to come out.. my last option .. scared him with a hanger.. i just hold the hanger and gave him my fierce look.. phew.. lucky he came out.. i don’t want him to get sick..i can’t take care of myself whenever this migraine triggered.   Nothing can stop the pain of the migraine  i’m suffering but what i do is… i wrapped my head with a scaft.. i tied it very had especially the point that i really feel the pain.. i didn’t stop..but it ease the pain.

    I think it is time to get family health insurance for our family, its a small step to make a big different when you need it.. touch wood.. i don’t want any sickness or anything happen to my family.. its just precaution and prevention… as they said.. ‘Health is Wealth‘.

    My husband came home on time.. we took our dinner.. but i just put everything in the sink..unwashed, there are dirty laundry need to be washed..i did not prepare my kids thing for the next day..  i just leave everything and went to sleep… husband took care of everything.. make sure the kids brush their teeth and wear their pajamas, while he took care of everything… i was..zzzzzzzzz in the dark.

    I woke up late the next day.. i got nightmare.. i had 30 minute to prepare everything.. phew..lucky it was my husband’s off day… he will be sending me and the kids.  but what an off day.. lol..he got to do so many cleaning to do at home.  When we came home, the house was clean… kitchen cleaned, not Perfect but well done.. lol.

    This is where the pain is and i had to suffered hours.. the best medication is to relax in the dark without interruption and i use the scaft or face towel to wrap around my head to ease the pain.  If you have migraine… try to find solution rather than take pain killer all the time.

    I am now having cold and flu.. been sneezing since morning… haiya.. but i can cope with this.. … i need to take care of my diet.. becareful of food that can trigger this migrain.  I got this fight back migraine website.. but if you guys have any tips on preventing migraine..please do inform me..thanks.