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    Weekend Visitors

    I am very very angry.. why? because i managed to find a time to create a post about last weekend while my children were sleeping and hoping to post it from the office the next day but i don’t know what happened.. it was not in the draft list… where the hell the thing is.. the title is there but it was not saved…haiya.. i have to do it all over again.. haiya no mood oledy oh.. anyway..

    Last weekend i was with my kids doing my daily routine. On Saturday morning i had a visit from my friend Carolyn and her son, Isaac.. well need to settle things but it was nice of her to come to my house. It was great to have friend visiting, even my children loves playing with Isaac.. ‘ultraman in the house‘. In the afternoon, my sister came.. our Saturday was interesting. My son was a bit upset when my sister went back without him.. lol..

    Sunday i had my old classmate since we were in form one, she and her daughter came to my house for a visit, this time Chrissa was happy, she have a friend playing hide and seek, while their mother talking about the old days, our old friends, school.. till todays topic.. kids, education, life insurance rates, career and motherhood. It was a fun weekend for me and the kids, having visitors on the weekend.. they even got angpow.. hehehe. I am looking forward for more interesting weekend.