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Having Fun Being A Mother

Again.. i dont know what is happening.. i have been saving this post in my draft but all in a sudden when i open it today.. no content at all.. gone!  So i have to rethink and retype the whole story.. damm again.  But i decided not to rewrite the story i have been keeping as draft.. ‘expired’

Its all about mother, mummy, mama, ina, bonda.. whatever we call her.. whatever we want our children to call us.. isnt that great having that title, its not as glamour as ‘Miss Universe’ or ‘Miss World’ but its just so wonderful.

Being a mother can be stressful but fun at the same time, it is a big responsibility.. we are a mother, teacher, motivator, supervisor, chef, maid, nurse, driver .. you name it.. its all in a package of being a ‘mother’.  Once you enter motherhood, you cant turn back.. just have fun and enjoy it.

What are the different between mummies back then and today? well.. almost the same but these days i believe we need to get more information about children, education and equip ourselves with modern technology.  Keep up with new information, don’t just follow what or how our mother treat us, be more than that, be a smart mother, study.. do research.. Those days, our mother can only ask opinion from their family, friends but know, we can get more just by surfing via internet.

It is also important for us, mother to be near to God, pray with the family for guidance, protection and blessing.  Its a harsh world out there, everyday we worried about our children, their safety is our priority.   I admit that being a mother is not always fun, its stressful and tiring.. and i believe that given ‘Mother’s Day’ are not enough..  we need to search for a good travel deals and go for a holiday.  For a start, just go for a ‘mummy’s day out’ or ‘home alone’.. just have good rest, rejuvenate and get back your strength.  Stressful mother can do things beyond her ability, we don’t want that to happen.

So mothers… Have Fun and Enjoy yourselves!!


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