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Event Planner Or Do It Yourself!

Other than dreaming of having my own boutique, i love to be an Event Planner, especially for birthday and wedding. Starting from budget, the venue, theme, dress, makeup.. wow interesting.. and stressful at the same time.. no doubt about it.. talk about make customer’s satisfaction.

I have two wedding invitations this coming May.. i have promised my best friend to help her at his brother’s wedding, to put makeup for the flower girls.. ah easy weesy.. lol.. and the other invitation are from my colleague and have asked me to do her makeup.. but i have not agreed, i have not done bride makeup for a year.. i have no confident yet..need to practice my skills.

My friend a.k.a the future bride are going to be busy planning and arranging for the ‘Big Day’.. to make it less stressful it would be easier to let the Event Planner do it but of course you need big budget on that.  On the other hand, if you have trusted friends or family, just delegate them with job and let them carry their duties, save cost.   I have just agreed to do gift box for i know i will find somebody to help me.

So if you are ready to get married and want to make it a real ..perfect ‘big day’.. hire a Wedding/Event Planner but if you love having friends and family to make a happy ..simple ‘big day’... do it yourself.

12 thoughts on “Event Planner Or Do It Yourself!”

  1. good business this shirley coz nowadays ppl are so busy so wedding or event planner boleh cari makan sudah compared to like 10 years ago when ppl can still get help from cousins and friends. now..susah sudah oh..semua busy,they attend the wedding or party pun sudah bagus..heheops panjang pula

  2. ya deana.. you got the point there.. kadang2 these family members nowadays like other invited guests juga kan.. not like before.. the first to come is our family can help lagi the night or weeks before.. skarang sendiri2 lah korang atur.. hehe..

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