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Ready For PS3

When Sean learn to use the laptop, i just let him play educational game hoping that it will improve his motor skill and learning at the same time. Instead, he got bored very fast each time he finish a game. He used to play the playhouse disney game but nowadays whenever i go online he will point the cursor to the search engine and type ‘ultraman’.. for a few time i type for him but every time he saw the same words .. he can type on his own but of course the spelling are incorrect but almost there.. he spelled it ‘ultrmam’.

Now he is more interested in playing Air Strike game with his daddy, i have no objection because its good for a hand and eye coordination practice but i have to limit him with computer game, i don’t want him to wear spectacle at the young age.

So i guess Sean are ready for PS3 but i won’t let him have it now.. he will get it when he is a bit older.  Do they have educational game in there?.. phew.. i prefer my kids to have outdoor game instead of sitting down and play game.. sigh.. kids these days..have to be careful not to spoil them too much.


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