Congratulation! You Did It!

My nephew, Govind Jeremya are one of thousands of students nationwide taking PMR exam last year. I wanted him to get good grade, so i promised to give him RM50 for every A and my sister promised RM100 per A.

The day he got the result he sms me, ‘mummyley, i got straight A’... wow i thought but still disbelieved i informed my sister.. whom made the promise.. okay its paying time.. lol.

Govind, we are so proud of you.. you grown up before my eyes, i remember you as a cute, short, chubby boy.. lol.. now look at you.. so grown up and smart.. going to be 16 years this year.. long way to go dear.. don’t you think about choosing any engagement rings.. that can wait after you finished your study in the University and  get a steady job.   Focus on your study first.. all the best to you!

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4 Responses to “Congratulation! You Did It!”

  1. carolyn says:

    oh wow…now yr nephew sure loaded, congratulations to Govind! Keep up the good work ya

  2. shirley says:

    blum loaded lagi.. dia ada buku tagih hutang.. hehehe

  3. Etavasi says:

    Wow congrats (^_^) perfect A

  4. thanx.. he aimed 5A.. but he did it…

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