Happy New Year 2009

Wow!.. it was like yesterday i celebrated New Year with the whole family .. it was last last year.. yesterday, i mean last year only few of us.. my family, nephew, sister and parents.  We celebrated simple dinner and prayer, last year was the simplest, without my sister’s and brother’s family, we were so quite.. lol.

Happy New Year 2009 to everybody.. from us, Shirley, Christopher, Sean Matthew and Chrissa Marie.  May this new year will bring us peace, good health, wealth and happiness! God Bless!!

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14 Responses to “Happy New Year 2009”

  1. carolyn says:

    Happy New Year my dear friend! May this New Year brings good things in your life and family, God Bless always!
    from; Colyn,Ronny,Ruth,Cynthia and Isaac

  2. aines says:

    Have a prosperous & blessed 2009 Shirl.

  3. LadyJava says:

    Happy New Year Shirley to you and your family..and a mighty nice one you have there… wonderful picture 🙂

    May there be peace, joy, love, health and lots of kaching for all of us in 2009!


  4. shirley says:

    carol,.. thanks for your support, love and advice throughout 2008.. there were times i hurt your feeling but you never failed to trust and accept the way i am.. i hope this friendship last forever..

    May God bless you..
    because you are such a wonderful and caring friend,
    May God be with you..
    because you never leave a friend behind,
    May God give you strength…
    because you need strength to ease your burden and throw your sorrow away..
    Shirley.. mmm mcm love letter pula kan..lol

  5. shirley says:

    Thanks for being part of my blog. lol.. your comment indeed a support.. i love your cheese cake.. meeting you in person have been great.. next time we meet again kio..

  6. emelda says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 😀 and no im not looking forward to get back to work myself shirley…you are not alone..LOL!!!

  7. gregchai says:

    Happy New Year 🙂

    may 2009 brings prosperity and good health to you and your family

  8. shirley says:

    LJ, thanks for your help during my paypal problems..lol.. and tips on where to get money.. even though i’m still can’t win any bid..poor me… anyway i really hope to meet you in person. Happy New Year dear, may this year bring you more traffic, more assnmt, more money…most of all more love & happiness!

  9. shirley says:

    hi Emelda,.. i will be on leave lagi next week..urus sikul..lol.. phew..paning paning.

  10. Mel says:

    Happy New year 2009 my dear friend. Truly wonderful to have met you n yr family in person. Nanti sia tunggu korang di Australia lah ah… kita aramai tii … betul tau… lol kisses to kiddos! xoxo

  11. deana says:

    happy new year shirley..ur hubby looks familiar..hehehe..no many indian ba di kk nie..

  12. shirley says:

    Greg, Happy New Year to you.. God Bless!

  13. shirley says:

    no problem Mel.. kita aramaiti di Australia.. kami bawa tuntul lagi..lol

  14. shirley says:

    hi deana.. happy new year to you too kio. God Bless!

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