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    Short Meeting With Mel

    I wanted to save this post after last meet…but we never met again… Mel and the kids were so busy after balik kampung… so its the first and only time we meet.. oh.. we met in twice in short time and that was when Mel and family landed in Sabah 4 weeks ago.

    When she came, i was busy helping a friend’s parents’ anniversary.. remember.. i was doing the RSVP.. so many people calling me ‘regret’.. or .. ‘thanx for the invitation i will see you there’..thingy… so that night Mel arrived.. she left a voice message .. “Hi Shirl,.. this is mel.. i will call you tomorrow” (nice voice with the slang) but i not surprised… thinking this might be one of the invitees… i checked the list… but unable to find any name.. with mel..before or after .. mmm she will call me back i thought.

    I was in the office when my hp rang… “Hi Shirl, this is mel…  sya baru sampai”… then i remember.. Mel from Melbourne… unfortunately i cannot take leave that week.. but only that week her family will be in KK after that in Keningau..  We can’t wait to meet…. we decided to meet the next day… . i waited for my hubby to come back from work.. we wanted to meet in Centre Point with the whole family but her kids were tired and sleeping in the hotel… so only Mel had to do her shopping in CP.. once i reached CP.. we called.. actually Mel i dont recognized you… but of course its easy to spot a mummy with two familiar kids… lol.. we talked… and send her to her hotel.

    Not the right time.. lol.. because of the noise, kids cant really sleep.. but lucky her husband manage to get better room… we helped shift room… but Annika and Aaron were so wonderful, two lovely kids… easy to get along with.. first time we met i didn’t took any photo.

    Before Mel and her family went back to Keningau for a long holiday, we met again.. another short meeting.. here are the pics… no need to take diet pills if you have kids.. kan Mel.. they keep us running around.

    the mummy and our daughters…

    loving and friendly Aaron, he is so smart and talkative.. i love this boy..

    My Sean and  Annika…we wanted to take photo of Chrissa and Aaron but both are talkative and actively walking around..

    Sorry Mel we didn’t get the chance to meet before you go back to Melbourne… but i glad we met even in a short while.. love you guys, God Bless!!