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    What I Want For Christmas

    I am on holiday mood.. but not yet for Christmas mood.. maybe after confession i will feel the Christmas spirit.

    Christmas is just around the corner… everybody thinking of what to gift for their kids, what clothes to wear… and here I am still thinking where to send Sean to school, should i send my daughter to playschool or leave her with the maid at home… thinking about my brother abroad.. haiya.. so many things in my head.. I need to relax a little bit.. or else i will get my migraine again.

    Anyway… Santa if you reading this.. all i want for Christmas is this fitness equipment .. i need to exercise and get in shape!

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    Teenage Again!

    I was at my parents’ since Saturday morning.. having had my niece and my cousin have make my life easier.. lol..  These two teenage girls have been a great helper to me on Saturday, i had fever an really need a rest… while i was sleeping… they cooked and took care of my kids.

    At night, my sister bring my daughter to her Christmas party.. another life savior but still had to handle Sean.. undecided of which game he want to play.

    Sunday, after church, me, my sister and the two teenagers went to 1Borneo.. in return for their help..  Wow… so many people .. took our lunch, went in and out from one shop to another.. my sister wanted to buy latest cell phone but she ended up looking at cell phone amplifiers but ended up buying nothing.  We check out Toys prices at the ToysRUs…i am eyeing at the Baby Alive Dolls so adorable, i will be back with hubby and his money ..lol..anyway i bought preschooler pc game for my kids.

    My niece wanted to play game.. guess what.. we ended up playing car racing.. competing against each other… interesting..  mind you.. i have not have that fun and excitement.. i feel like a teenager.. lol.. really .. it makes me feel young.. i used to play ‘Street Fighter’ when i was a teenager.. i am not sure if my fingers can still fight.. but i am ready for any competition.. lol.

    Thanks dad and mum for taking care of my kids while i am enjoying myself as a teenager even for a few hours..  My husband fetched us after work… had his dinner with us..and i am a mummy again!

    Every mother deserve a ‘time out’.. we still wants to have fun .. mmm without kids.. well.. since i won 2nd and 1st place at the car race game..i had great fun…!