Its December..Yihaa!!

Yihaa.. its December.. a great month of the year.. everybody excited.. Christmas coming.. .. .. holidays!

So many family members celebrating birthday this month… i can’t really remember the date but there are…trengg.. teng ..teng..

My lovely niece turn 2 years old last week and my only sister in law Doreen @ mummy yin… i love to send you one of a few beautiful gift baskets for this special occasion .. your birthday and Christmas..

We miss you this year’s Christmas.. we are happy yet so sad without you guys…what is your plan this coming Christmas? we have no plan yet.. our mastermind.. leader.. is with you.. ggrrr.. he will figure out how to celebrate Christmas in Adelaide .. hope you will have great celebration even without us.  If  we are unable to send gifts for the kids.. we will send it through Shella.. next year.. hahaha.. Merry Christmas!

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