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    Beautiza Wants To Buy Present Online!

    What do they have on sale this December?  Everybody is in the Holiday and Christmas mood this time around.  I saw a few sign in the shopping complexes… Sale! Sales! Sales! but is it cheap?

    Do we really need to buy new clothes for Christmas.. who cares what dress you are wearing in Church… nobody will notice if its new anyway…  I don’t care…as long as i can wear nice dress..should be okay to me… except for the kids.. i just want them to look good.. I don’t really buy expensive clothes for my kids… as long as they look good, feel comfortable with it… should be okay… i am teaching my kids to be simple as possible.

    So.. where the extra money goes this December… the gifts of course.. .i might consider buying online presents this year… let me check my paypal… yuhuu.. do i still have money in there?.. i guess so..not much but should be enough to buy presents for my family.