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    First Movie Experience

    I suppose to post this last week but don’t really have time do sit and write without interruption from kids at home… and boss in the office..lol.. i dont blog in the office.. especially when the boss is around.. i get confuse very fast.

    So.. last week.. on my husband’s day off .. i too take my leave.. its the right opportunity to bring the children out.  I asked my kids where they want to go the next day..  either watch movie or visit the Zoo… Sean’s replied was cute… ‘mummy, i want to go to Citymall’.. Chrissa’s responed… ‘yes mummy, i want shoe’.. mmmm ‘nope sorry .. its either watch animal from a big tv screen or real animal in the zoo’… no respond from the kids.

    The next day, kids woke up early… they got so excited i’m sure.. husband woke up and bought newspaper.. well.. still undecided.. but i just check the first show was at 11.30am.. in Centre Point.   We choose to go to the cinema instead of walking under the sun.. the weather was so hot.

    We arrived in Centre Point quite early.. its only 10.30am.. Sean & Chrissa got the chance to play games.  Check the right sitting, bought our tickets.. grab drinks and 2 popcorns… wa..laa.. wait for the hall to open.

    Lucky not many people.. and there were so many empty seats and we were the only people sitting in my row…   I worried if Sean started shouting .. usually they will be echo from Chrissa.. i just hope they can sit still and watch the movie.   Eating popcorn while watching.. they were sitting comfortably .. there were time they feel restless.. especially Chrissa..‘mummy i dont want to watch TV’... I managed to comfort her right till the end of the show.  Daddy did a great job handling Sean.. well .. thank god.. Sean and Chrissa were well behave..  there were screaming when everybody did.. and even everybody were quite.. they still scream … kids..they got excited easily.. lol.. Sean loves to repeat words that interest him.. he is like a computer memory.  I asked them to stop but after awhile i just let him… imitate what Marty and Alex was saying.. its kinda cute!

    After watching movie, we took our lunch in McDonald and lastly Ice cream for everybody..  we had fun!..  We going to catch another movie next month!