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Are You Satisfied With Your Child’s School?

What do you think about your child’s school? Is it worth it? Do you send your child to that school because of the school’s name? (trademark as a good school for bright students), affordable fees or because of the location, maybe its near to your office or your house?

As parents, I just want to know what really on your mind.. I’m asking you this because i am thinking to enroll my son to another kindergarten. Why i send him there at the first place? well because the school was quite new and big, Sean was one of the first students there, this will be his second year in that kindergarten. Oh..ya, the location was was near to my office then.

Next year will be Sean final Kinder before going to primary one. I am just expressing what i feel… i have to apologize if it hurts others. Why i change my mind about the school? well let me say that when the school are new it wouldn’t be much problem, the problems usually occurs on the management, teachers etc. how they tackle problems. Mmmm.. I just feel like sending him to another kindergarten.. i might or i might not.


  • colyn

    oh gosh! when you ask this question to your readers, am having prob with Ruth to primary 1 nxt year.
    Well, we chose the school for her due to few reasons lah, 1st – inlaw buli tolong ambi ;-), 2nd – my former school hehe..BUT now…am confuse and I thought we’ve done a mistake. Eventhough we have enrolled her to next year primary 1 but am not satisfied at all due to its poor facilities, students need proper and comfortable classroom, jgn la i describe it here..sedih btul
    oh dear its too sad my former primary school dissapoint me this much. Hope will sought it out soon..cross fingers

  • aines

    ..the school reputation, the teachers, the environment – all are equally important to me. I am lucky that I find all the things I want at the kinder where I send my kids. Highly recommended! – u might want to check the school out.

  • Cay

    Shir, the environment, the teacher,the distance the student ..these are all the things i will see first. As for sean, if you don’t like the school now, just send him to another school lah it will be good for u and sean too.

  • Bonn

    Nowadays, we parent are obliged to send our children to the best school ever. This obligation leads us to think the possible factors that we should considere before sending them to acquire knowledge from the place we call school.

    Research indicate that most parent would prefer a school that provide better learning facility, experience and skillful teachers, reasonable fee, good rules and regulation enforcement and so on. But what lies in between is the curriculum expose to our children especially in the pre-school (nothing we can do about the primary and secondary school cause they have fix curriculum).

    Over the years, pre-school business evolve rapidly coping the high increase of children population. Nevertheless, the population growth come with high parent awareness on education. These challenges envisage the urgency to introduces high quality curriculum and goodwill resulting the awaken of institutions such as montesary pre-school, supertots and so on. These institution has manage to build high quality curriculum and proven to produce creative,innovative,independence and proactive childrens. Subsequently, their achievement develop children satisfaction and parent trust.

    How we measure this satisfaction and trust if the school is new and not known in the society? Ask your children; they are the one who experience this environment- are they enjoying the school session? like to learn new things? repeatly asking any questions? or having fun in school…pre-school are meant to prepare them for the next level; the main thing that any pre-school should focus is the motivation to go to school not the high burden homework.

    My own experience sending my children to schools stipulate this long comment. Once i reached here in Australia, my sons have never mention any other school names than SUPERTOTS (not a kind of publicity but the fact), eventhough they have been in more than 5 pre-school in Sabah. They memory in that particular school remained fresh and convincing. To conclude, what ever school you choose, measure the relationship quality that these school offer you which is children satisfaction, parent trust and school commitment. Bye (sorry long comment).

  • papajoneh

    Adeh.. the bro punya comment.. betul2 menunjukkan sebab kenapa dia di Australia. Memang boleh dipakai laporan dia ni. hehe.

    Yep, I agree with all the above comments right till your bro’s.
    My criteria: Parents’ trust on the school and the teachers as a whole, location, children happiness aka they like it or not. Last one of course, you like it or not, the fact that how much the school fee gonna charge you. Some school totally crazy with their charges. Mahal but good quality teaching with better environment, never mind lah. but if others better.. why pay more, right.

    Whatever it is, you will have to make the decision for your kids. At this early stage, it is us the parents that hold their future. The kids may not like it, but as usual, the parents know better. So, I am sure, you will know what to do for their own benefit. At least, you tried every possible way to make them better people. Amen to that. 🙂
    Alamak, saya pulak comment panjang2 ni. Sori ah. Memang topik ni berguna bah. Hehe.

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