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    Are You Satisfied With Your Child’s School?

    What do you think about your child’s school? Is it worth it? Do you send your child to that school because of the school’s name? (trademark as a good school for bright students), affordable fees or because of the location, maybe its near to your office or your house?

    As parents, I just want to know what really on your mind.. I’m asking you this because i am thinking to enroll my son to another kindergarten. Why i send him there at the first place? well because the school was quite new and big, Sean was one of the first students there, this will be his second year in that kindergarten. Oh..ya, the location was perfect..it was near to my office then.

    Next year will be Sean final Kinder before going to primary one. I am just expressing what i feel… i have to apologize if it hurts others. Why i change my mind about the school? well let me say that when the school are new it wouldn’t be much problem, the problems usually occurs on the management, teachers etc. how they tackle problems. Mmmm.. I just feel like sending him to another kindergarten.. i might or i might not.