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I Love November

November are one of my favorites and important months besides April (chrissa’s birthday), May (hubby’s birthday and lots of holidays), July (my bithday), August (our wedding day) and December! (most relatives birthday falls on this month and..need i elaborate more on xmas?)

November is the month i started my journey as a mother..receiving my first bundle of joy, struggling to balance between motherhood and career, the month where it all begin. Its like an ‘alarm’ to tell you that ‘end of the year is near’.

Its time to plan for a new year… a new resolution.. budget..for the house, kids….i should check auto insurance comparisons, i might get another car..mmm i hope so.

6 thoughts on “I Love November”

  1. November is the month to remind me of Christmas hehehe. Ya usually, we will set up our xmas tree on the 1st day of November. But this year, belum sempat buat…busy busy busy…My children keep on asking already..

    BTW, November is also the birthday of my father. Kena ready angpow hehehe

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