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Home Alone

Yesterday my friend asked me for favour.. write invitation cards.. for her parent’s anniversary.. well i have no objection as long as she can send me home with the invitation cards.   We suppose to do it together at her house, but due to her last minute work she cancelled it but she asked her driver to send me back home with the invitation cards.

Me and my bestfriend split the invitation list, we had promised to do it together, atleast we can do it on time.  Today, we promised to meet up at my friend’s house to do invitation cards, i am thinking of going there early so that i can come back home early, as usual my maid’s time to go back is around 5.00pm on Saturday.

I heard knocking on the door at 7.30am, wah… so early my maid today, normally on Saturday she will come around 8.00am..  opened the door.. ‘kak, saya tidak boleh kerja ini hari, my grandmother passed away’ ( i cannot work today, my grandmother passed away’) i was still standing there, i dont know what to say.. but how can i say no to her… ‘tidak apa lah ko balik lah’ (its okay you can go back).. still dont know what to do, i have promised my friend but who’s going to take care of my children, my parents were still in Kuala Penyu… luckily i remember my niece and nephew whom staying with my parents today… i called her if its okay for my kids be with her today… no objection… great.. problem solved.

By the time the children woke up, i was preparing breakfast .. mee goreng.. they took their bath, packed their bag.. and off they go with the daddy.. ‘bye mummy, i love you’.. kiss kiss… i look at them waving to me… eagarly to go to my parents house… phew.. so here i am Home Alone.

I am sitting down here waiting for my friend to fetch me up, but i know its not going to be early so i just blog..  usually if i’m going somewhere, with or without children at home, i will still rush to do whatever housechores i need to do before i leave the house.. but today.. i leave everything as it is…the toys are still on the floor waiting to be kept, the floor waiting to be swept, the plates and paella pan in the sink need to be washed.. but i just forget about it… i love to feel what i felt right now… home alone doing nothing.. i left my house at 3.00pm… without doing anything…  i’m looking forward for another opportunity of Home Alone!


  • Mel

    tatata, siok pula reading yr story *home alone* sis Shirl. I can’t stay home alone without my kids. No one to talk to kills me. hahaha yet I complaint that I don’t hv time for myself. LOL See you soon k? xoxo

  • Cay

    Bestnya kan kalo dpt chance to be home alone mcm nii shir ..uinaaa tia buat kerja lagi tuu..lagilah best giler hehehe ..kalo sia tia buli ada jah yg mengacau

  • shirley

    i feel lonely juga without my kids..but i was busy with things .. usually i will rush to do other house chores. tapi i just leave everything.. and to feel the day.. doing nothing.. siok pula sekali sekala..

  • carolyn

    hmm..sya tau sudah kesudahan crita ni LOL..
    brapa bnyk pizza ko makan? mmbah..belum lagi ‘friend’ kita tu inform me apa kerja sya hehe…ssshhh sya diam2 ja
    talking about ‘Home Alone’ kan wow it’s like a bird terlepas for awhile kan haha..sometimes we need to have our own time to relax, doing nothing and just enjoying every moment being alone..i will watch movies in astro/CDs masak maggi or eat bread, drink a cup of coffee and go to sleep hehe..sounds unhealthy kan hehe..but thats one of the things i do when “Home Alone”, nice posting shirl

  • shirley

    if i ever ada that ‘home alone’ opportunity.. im sure will do the same thing.. watch tv, or blogging.. while minum2, if lapar.. i will eat junk foods.. all the mister potato..twisties.. doi.. makan maggie.. apa2 ja lah.. i’m sure i will malas to cook.. and i just biar ja tu piring/cawan in the sink.. thats how malas i can be… mmm kesian maid sya..hehehe

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