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Melamine Scare Under Control

I admitted that this ‘melamine’ kiosk have make me a bit worried about foods/drinks to buy for the family, especially when i heard the effect it can do to our healths, receiving emails from friends about the products that are not safe really scares me.

The Health Ministry has made a statement in the Daily Express today that the melamine contamination of food products in the country are under control. They even set up their hotline on Melamine, consumers can call 03-88833655 and 03-88833652 between 8.30am and 5.00pm on working days to enquire about melamine.

I have just surfed the safe products on their website, i was glad that 123 dutch lady are one of the product listed..phew… so you guys out there want to know if the products you wanted to buy is safe, please check the website … i am sure once you’ve done that, it will easier for you to do your grocery shopping.


  • Cay

    Ya lor bikin takut ohh with all these ..not only food but most of our everyday utensils even the getah rambut yg bnyk kaler2 tuu pun not safe to pakai ..aiyoo pity to our future generation niii ..

  • shirley

    ya bah kan… scary betul..not only melamine but also toxic..even toys also unsafe.. sometimes we thought that we are smart to buy this n that..but in the end.. not safelah.. not heatlhy lah… adui.. hopefully no more things like this in the future. So many ubat dorang dpt and at the same time… byk juga penyakit baru kan.

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