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    Games That Good For Your Kids

    I have invested a laptop for my own used, for blogging purposes to be exact… hoping to get more assignment .. .. need that job to get that extra money!!!.  But anyway its worth investing… not only for myself but the whole family.

    In this world of technology, i am sure every family have at least one computer or laptop at home, there are so many things we can do with it but as for me i have encounter a few online games for kids which is interesting and educational and its free.  The games are great and suitable  for my 2 year old Chrissa and 5 year old Sean, they learn very fast.  First few weeks they can’t really do it but now their motor skilled improved.. they can click the answer using the mouse with only minimum supervision.

    But i still bring them to go out.. and play games .. their favourite place.. CITY MALL … easy to stop them from playing.. just persuade them to go next door..‘POPULAR’.. book store.. well at least a colouring book and colour pencil..  uncountable sets at home.

    Sean really wants to play this.. but cant reach.. he doesnt know what, who, where.. to aim and shoot..

    Imagining himself driving to school…. wah.. siok oh... ‘mummy! mummy! can i drive to school tomorrow’.…  wah if really like this he drive.. . i think he will have to change the car bearings often…

    mmm the whole family take part….’mummy, look daddy’s cheating’…