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    The Angry Neighbour!!

    This will be the continuation about my last post…. ‘the idiot who throw the rubbish’..  I was in the office and still thinking who the hell the person is.  I reach the office i go spread the bad news to my colleague..  i was so angry and still is very very very angry!!

    It was my husband’s off day, so i called him if the cleaner throw the rubbish that i put on the stairs.. . he said it was still there…  great i thought.. i am sure going to yell from the ground floor, knocking every door while carrying the rubbish… and great so i will dig.. the envelop that i’m sure with the house address in front of everybody...  yes… i will surely do that.. mmmm you wait and see…

    5.00pm… time to back.. my husband with the kids waiting for me… . Once i go in the car.. my first question … ‘so.. the rubbish still there”?.. ‘no, i throw it already’ my husband replied…   There goes my golden opportunity to find the ‘idiot’..  I was so furious with my husband for acting good… but thinking about it.. it reflects  what the bible teach us .. ‘Love Thy Neighbours‘… Instead of going for another thorough investigation… i keep quite.. so ashame .. okay lah.. let them win.. make them happy.

    Actually.. i can’t really fiqure out who really did it… my next neighbour really make a fuss about it.. because she thought i blame her… mmmm… maybe i will buy her diet pill to make her happy.. she is in the direct selling line.. I am also planning to invite my neighbours to Sean’s Birthday Party next month.. lol.. i’m sure will brought the rubbish matter again.. hahaha…. till then neighbours.