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    Such An Idiot!!! I’m Going To Find Who Did It..

    I have been cursing all night and wondering who the idiot is, i wont be satisfied if i dont know who did it.

    This is what happened actually… last night i was sitting down on the sofa and i saw something from in front of my door but i dont really bother to open and check what it was.  My husband came back late, it was 9.40pm and when i opened the door i saw two plastic of Rubbish… smelly rubbish ..one tight, one widely open.

    I called my next neighbour if she have forgotten to throw her rubbish and leave it in front of my door, well..she thought.. thats was my rubbish .. and maybe i forgotten to throw it away.  We both puzzled.. which idiots did such things.. unsatisfied.. i went to the 3rd floor.. i knocked every door but only door opened.. i told what happened.. and he thought that it was mine.. the three doors on top was nobody, one house vacant, another family left .. balik kampung, while the other one seldom in the house.  So no suspect on the third floor.

    It was too late to knock every doors..so i just go back.. and i took the rubbish to the stairs.. i can see egg’s shells, empty cigarette box, empty plastic of children’s biscuits, so i’m guessing it belongs to a family.

    There are no suspicious suspect on our floor… we know each other very well… now we suspected the first floor people..  the one with family and always bring friends for mahjong, this will be our main suspect.. i will knock every door at the 1st floor in the evening.

    My curious neighbour called me up again this morning… we want to invistigate who is the idiot who did the stupid things.