I Lost My Sense Of Humor!!

I am beginning to feel very lonely.. in this office room .. all alone.   Well, the work, not much different… busy every now and then..but.. nobody to talk too… phew..    I am the ally mcbeal type of person.. full of imagination ..if i caught in a conversation that interest mind will re-create a different scenario. my friends knows what i meant…

So..being alone without anybody to talk too, my free time to see other people is only during lunch time.. This is really 8-5 job.. no kidding..

There are few people entering my office but i haven’t met anybody as ally mcbeal as me..  i throw a jokes..they laugh..but i need more than that.. came on lah cheer up!! …

I really hope that i still got it… the sense of humor.. i hope i’m not losing it!! or else i go crazy!!!


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