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First Day..’Slow And Steady’..

Okay.. its my first day at work .. and i described it as.. slow and steady.. lol.. I reached the office before my boss, i’m early but i have not taken my for breakfast because he started giving me things to do.. and i am still familiarising myself with this ‘old’ ‘new’ computer.. haiya..i miss my computer in my old office.. with streamyx.. here.. its like waiting forever for it to open a website… i guess its only for typing then..mmm .. ‘sigh’..

I wanted to take my breakfast but i don’t have anybody to go with, my friend next door just took her breakfast, i decided just sit down in the office but i can hear music from my tummy.. I remember my son put in his container of his left over bread inside my basket (i bring important things/reference books) to the new office… mmm guess what i did.. yes i just eat the left over lah.. okay juga lah still got jem on the bread…so kesian.. haiya need to do diet pill reviews lah if everyday like this.

I need to think where to have my breakfast.. or else i just bring bread and 2 in 1 nescafe .. i can just take my breakfast in my office… save money lagi.

4 thoughts on “First Day..’Slow And Steady’..”

  1. Hi Shilr!
    I wanted to leave you a comment last week but for some reason it does not work. I hope it work this time.

    So here you go….CONGRATS on your new job. Wishi you all the best cuz!

    Take care!

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