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Thank You and Good Bye!!

Thank you to all of you for the farewell party and the presents i received was great and unbelievable.  Thanks Afeiza, its like dream come true receiving such gift from you.

My boss, Muhammad and her wife gave me ‘BUM’ watch.. yihaa.. and another nice ‘BALMER’ watch given by my other big bos… well i never wear one.. so time to do so.

The gift from the office, i’m sure choosed by Carol and Helen.. thanks dear friends.. i cant wait to put it on my office desk tomorrow.

I have given those special friends a  simple ‘thank you’ gift, each vary from another.. yet i need to give few more, especially Afeiza.. can’t really decide what to give.  Anyway, my gifts are priceless compares to your friendships.

Thank you once again, carol.. bah next time we can go for acne treatments or  together bah.. lol.. and dont forget to fetch me if you all going to eat the sup ikan near All Saints kio.

I will update the farewell once i get the pics from pat.. Thank again!! Love you all.. and really going to miss you!!!


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