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Cute Dolls

Dolls always remind me of my childhood, how I love dolls very much. Playing ‘mama-mama’ and ‘masak-masak’ was my favourite, imagining ourselves as a busy mother.. dream came

I remember whenever our family moved houses i never left any dolls behind even the one without head.. lol.  What else i did, oh ya! i cut my grandma’s shirt to make my doll’s dress… she saw a big hole in the middle of the shirt when she wanted to wear it.. .. it shows how i love designing but not sewing, it should come in a package.

Anyway, i saw the ‘Baby Alive’ doll’s advertisement on tv, its so cute and adorable.  I seen the dolls on display in toys shop somewhere but with limited choices.  I wanted to buy this doll for my daughter Chrissa.. ‘Barbie’ is beautiful but i feel its not suitable for 2 years old, ‘Baby Alive’ is more appropriate to educate them how to take care of little baby and teach her responsibility.

Check out this dolls, its Baby Alive Birthday Doll, cost $24.99

This adorable Baby Alive Newborn- Sip and Snooze, only $17.99.

I hope i can get more money in my PayPal to buy this adorable doll online.  Chrismas is just around the corner, need to start doing my list, i hope i buy less than the credit card limit, or else i wont be enjoying myself on chrismas day.  Santa Clause help me!!! lol.


  • anies

    Ni baby alive ada d KK Toys, I ada beli for my kids few months back. I think the price yang you tulis is in USD cos it cost more than that here in KK.

    Syok juga ni doll ni, bole ajar our kids to be responsible. hehe..

  • shirley

    Anies and Cay,

    I saw ur post in ur blog tu anies.. so cute..but in KK limited choice.. and apagon gia.. so if guna paypal online.. mmm inda juga terasa sakit ginavo..memang i put in usd tu.. so ko imagine lah how much it will cost here.. i think if $17.90.. it should be around RM60.00.. ni lah rajin mo buat assignment ni.. mo buy online kunun.. hehehe.

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