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Shopping For Myself

I admit it, i havent have time shopping for myself, whenever i go shopping.. it will be for grocery and things for my children… thats for sure.. but never for myself.   So i decided today, i want to go shopping.. alone!.. yeah.. alone!.

My parents were on their way back home from Kuala Penyu/Membakut, so i decided to asked them to bring my children with them and give me a ride to KK.  This is the only time i can do my shopping for myself, impossible i can do that with my children with me.

Reached Centre Point at 12.45noon and start searching for nice blause … my sister, shella joined in at 1.15pm, had our lunch and start again..we went in from one shop to another.. just to find a nice blause and skirt..  what i found? too expensive, not nice, not my style, not my colour..   At this time i just wish i had lots of money so that i can do my shopping somewhere else and fly back to KK with Zero Halliburton luggage full of new stuffs.

My sister complaining about being too tired and trying to persuade me to go back…  but i still didnt get anything for myself except for few undergarment .. lol.

At last, i ended up buying 4 items, 2 blauses and 2 skirts.. at the last shop we visited.. mmm near the exit door to the parking lot.  We were out from Centre Point at 5.30pm.  I just love shopping!!… i want to do it again soon!!!

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