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    She Ease My Burden

    I never really wanted to have a maid.. why? because i’m so afraid of them, so many questions playing in my head… can she really take care of my children?, and so many negatives thinking playing in my mind.

    I had two maids before, the first maid was okay but when you enter the whole house you will smell the her smelly body odour without realizing that the house was actually clean and shinny, unfortunately she said she want to go back to her home town and never come back.

    My second maid i hired when i was on my consignment for my second child, she lasted only one month because she want me to pay her another RM100,  i actually pay her RM300 for taking care of me and my little girl.. didnt really like her..

    Now i have a part time maid, she will come before 7.00 am and go back before 6.30pm.  Her job is to take care of Chrissa and other house chores.  I dont really like her at first, because she made a big mistake that is bringing my Chrissa to her house (which is at the other block away) to check on her sick husband, lucky that was my husband’s off day but she reason was her hp was out of credit, i dont really take that excuse but my mistake is i havent done anything with my telephone line that was not in order (complained to TM) but still need to follow up.  She promised not to do such thing again.. well she better dont..

    Having her had ease a bit of my burden, i dont need alli , i come back home, she already cooked dinner.. well the food taste good too.., no need for me to worry about clothes that have been hanging for days waiting to dry out.

    I dont know how long she will stay with me.. but i’m glad for now at least.. i have time for my children and time to update my blog.

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    Shopping For Myself

    I admit it, i havent have time shopping for myself, whenever i go shopping.. it will be for grocery and things for my children… thats for sure.. but never for myself.   So i decided today, i want to go shopping.. alone!.. yeah.. alone!.

    My parents were on their way back home from Kuala Penyu/Membakut, so i decided to asked them to bring my children with them and give me a ride to KK.  This is the only time i can do my shopping for myself, impossible i can do that with my children with me.

    Reached Centre Point at 12.45noon and start searching for nice blause … my sister, shella joined in at 1.15pm, had our lunch and start again..we went in from one shop to another.. just to find a nice blause and skirt..  what i found? too expensive, not nice, not my style, not my colour..   At this time i just wish i had lots of money so that i can do my shopping somewhere else and fly back to KK with Zero Halliburton luggage full of new stuffs.

    My sister complaining about being too tired and trying to persuade me to go back…  but i still didnt get anything for myself except for few undergarment .. lol.

    At last, i ended up buying 4 items, 2 blauses and 2 skirts.. at the last shop we visited.. mmm near the exit door to the parking lot.  We were out from Centre Point at 5.30pm.  I just love shopping!!… i want to do it again soon!!!